Mister Riley’s journey began when I rescued him from the Hawaiian Humane Society in Honolulu. Living his first few years with me in paradise, Mister Riley enjoyed the beach lifestyle and became a tourist attraction surfing waves on Waikiki Beach. His cheeky personality drawing big crowds.

After a long Qantas flight and a mini vacation in Sydney quarantine Mister Riley made a sea change and moved to Melbourne. A vet check discovered a treatable heart condition; Mister Riley was so smart he wouldn’t take his daily medication without a treat. Unable to find healthy treats or please Mister Riley’s flavour conscious and fussy palate, I began baking my own. Mister Riley’s health flourished, and my treats were a smash hit with Mister Riley and his friends.

My baking was inspired by super foods and human grade ingredients, which dogs can safely enjoy too. Mister Riley treats are packed with vitamins, anti-oxidants, fibre and are low fat. I know you will enjoy baking at home as much as I do, so I created 5 easy DIY products. Children love baking treats for their special pets and the delicious aroma will have your dog begging by the oven.

We hope you and your special pooch love making Mister Riley Treats. Every packet is made with love.


Love Hollie & Mister Riley xo

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